About Me

I always knew I would end up in a
padded room one day,
I just never expected it to be made
out of Dog Beds.

In 2012 my wife and I were blessed to be rescued by a Galgo named Leena.  This scared little white Galgo inspired my wife and I to start Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption (www.adoptagalgo.com) in 2013.  When our group was first starting out, we were lucky enough to have a member of Hearts Speak (www.HeartsSpeak.org) take photographs of our adoptable Galgos and give me several tips to take better photos of our adoptable dogs.  Since then I have been working on my photography skills and taking photos of the Galgos during our trips to Spain. Now I have the opportunity to pay it forward. My wife and I have made five trips to Spain to volunteer at the shelters and have transported 140 Galgos back to the US for adoption.  In December 2014 I published my first photo book "Galgo Espanol After The Hunt"  (http://www.blurb.com/b/6708469-galgo-espanol-after-the-hunt) The money raised from the book is donated to Baas Galgo, the shelter we volunteered at in February 2015.  I also have two more Photo Books in the works that will benefit Shelters in Spain that care for these beautiful animals.

Fun Facts:

  • My wife and I currently have 6 Galgos. Radar, Gemma, Fernando, Yima, Vilal and Keala

  • I work as a Sr. IT Engineer for my County Government, when I'm not behind the camera.

  • My left arm has a Tattoo Sleeve that is dedicated to our second Greyhound Savanna.

  • The most relaxing vacation I have ever had, was sleeping in the middle of a shelter with 550 dogs.  The following week, I slept in a hotel with one dog outside that kept barking and got no Sleep.

  • My first pet was a male cat that I named Ash from Army of Darkness.  He was rescued by my sister after a man drowned the rest of his litter in a barrel of oil.

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