Pet Model Request Form

Occasionally I need a dog model for various reasons. This could be for testing out a new location or technique, shooting for personal projects or portfolio.  All dog breeds, of any sizes and colors are welcome to apply. Good looks are not a free ticket to acceptance – your dog must also meet all of the training and socialization criteria.

If you are able to answer YES to these questions:
  • Located in Northwest Suburbs of Chicago IL.

  • Willing to sign a model/property release for your dog, and optionally for yourself if you wish to be included in the photos.

  • Willing and able to handle and direct your dog for the duration of the shoot if required.

  • Available on weekends.

  • Available in the early morning (sunset + 2 hours) or late afternoon (2 hours before sunset) for sessions.

Does your Dog have these skills?
  • Be calm and confident in unfamiliar, noisy and busy environments.

  • Be easily directed, alert and interested in strange surroundings.

  • Be obedience trained - bare minimum of sit, down/drop.

  • Have excellent leash manners.

  • Be reliable in off-lead situations with excellent recall.

  • Be confident and willing to work for other handlers when required.

By submitting your animal to my database in no way guarantees that he / she will be chosen for a photo shoot. I will notify you if your animal has been selected for further inquiry, and it’s always your choice if you want to participate in a potential photo shoot.

You will receive two 8x10 prints and watermarked, web resolution images to share with friends and family and the option to purchase prints, products and digital images.

**Note that I'm NOT an animal talent agency**
Please complete form for each animal.

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